What’s Fume Fading?

Most people are familiar with color loss in clothing that is caused by expo­sure to the sun. But did you know that air pollution contributes in a major way to color loss? We call a color loss from air pollution “fume fading,” and you need to be familiar with it.

Air pollution from car exhausts ­especially in urban areas – exists indoors as well as outdoors. In fact, it is more damaging to clothing in confined spaces, such as dresser drawers and clos­ets where there is little circulation.

Unfortunately, fume fading often shows up only after cleaning, because soils may mask the condition and because the heat of the cleaning process heightens the problem. You can identify fading caused by pollution by its streaked appearance. Fading from sun­light is usually even.

There’s not much we can do to help a garment that’s already damaged. But you can fight this condition through regular cleaning care and by storing your clothes in clean closets with good air flow.