Sport Equipment Cleaning

NHLThe Sani Sport process is perfectly suited for cleaning hockey equipment. Our process removes harmful bacteria and odors while not compromising the quality of the hockey equipment.

The Sani Sport machine will clean the following hockey equipment, helmets, gloves, elbow & shin pads, neck guards, skates, pants and goalie pads.

Other sports, including, soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, wrestling and cycling. Police and fire gear can also be done.

Wilmette Tailors & Cleaners Sani Sport machine kills bacteria, including staph, MRSA, strep, and clostridium difficile (C. Diff). It also eliminates many viruses, such as influenza and rotavirus. Fungus, mold, mildew and yeast are also eliminated. Biomedco, has confirmed laboratory results of the Sani Sport process.

Sani Sport process is the preferred rink equipment supplier for the NHL to clean hockey equipment, the NFL and the CFL to clean football equipment and by law enforcement to clean ballistic vests and helmets.

We are a third generation family run, on premise dry cleaner, who better to trust your valuable equipment to. We take pride in the service we provide in our community. We love our jobs, and enjoy doing business in a small town environment.

Does your gear stink?

Those offensive odors signal the presence of harmful bacteria, including MRSA and Staph, living in your equipment. It’s a major health risk! Unlike sprays that merely mask odors, Sani Sport eliminates the stink at its source by killing up to 97 percent of all odor-causing bacteria.

Don’t suffer with offensive odors or allow microorganisms to breed in your equipment. Preserve your health by sanitizing equipment.

Sani Sport of Illinois

The Sani Sport process does not eliminate stains or dirt. It will, however, kill the germs, bacteria, fungus, and molds that cause the stink your washing machine cannot get out.

Here’s how the cleaning process works:

Ozone is a gas made of three oxygen atoms — regular oxygen gas molecules are made of two oxygen atoms. Ozone is unstable and does not last long in this layer of the atmosphere. Oxygen in the Wilmette Tailors & Cleaners Sani Sport machine is converted to ozone by UV lights. In the absence of the UV lights, the ozone converts back to regular oxygen so that no ozone is released into the atmosphere when we open the machine. This makes our process safe for the environment and the operators of the machine. Furthermore, unlike the other methods out there, Sani Sport does not use any water, bleach, harmful chemical soaps, or phosphates in our process. The tea-tree oil antibacterial treatment we provide is 100% natural and safe. We also use far less electricity than washing methods require. All in all, Wilmette Tailors & Cleaners Sani Sport provides the most environmentally responsible way to get your equipment sanitized.

The Sani Sport machine will reduce bacteria, remove odors and clean your equipment. Effectiveness of Sani Sport machine against these bacterial strains:

score video

Watch this video for an explanation of how the process works.

  • Staphylococous aureus
  • Staphylococous aureus MRSA – Staphylococous epidermis
  • Streptococcus viridans
  • Streptococcus faecalis
  • Clostridium difficil

We also can sanitize:

    • Costumes
    • Plush toys & stuffed animals
    • Pet bedding
North Shore Cleaner Ready to Remove Odors from Anything

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  • Sandals, shoes,& boots
  • Scuba & wet suits
  • Wrist, knee braces & prosthetics
  • Flea market & garage sale finds that smell a little funky

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