Wilmette’s Most Convenient Cleaners – Family Owned and Operated Since 1931

  • Drive-up window
  • Private parking lot
  • Plant on Premises

We would like to welcome you and your family to our dry cleaning business. We are a third-generation family owned and operated business, and have been serving the Wilmette Community since 1931. We are convenient, economical and a quality plant.

All dry cleaning is done by Kurt himself, not sent to an off-site location where your stains are never seen. You will always find an owner present at Wilmette Tailor & Cleaners and our friendly staff is here to serve you.

For clothing alterations we hire dedicated tailors, one of whom specializes in bridal gown alterations. We even include teddy bears and Ugg boots cleaning!

announcing new sport equipment cleaning

We Are Environmentally Friendly too!

Wilmette Tailors and Cleaners uses the utmost care and diligence to protect the environment. Our dry cleaning machine is the latest technology and is a very tight closed loop system ensuring no emissions. We have safety systems in place to guard against any contamination to the community.

recycled hangersWe use biodegradable plastic in our packaging and will send the used bags to be recycled. We also encourage you to return any of our hangers that are in reusable condition so we can minimize their impact on landfills. Hangers that do not meet our standards are sent to a scrapper to be recycled. We use the Village’s waste service to recycle all our paper and cardboard.

We are proud of our American heritage and clean U.S. flags at no charge.

convenient drive-upWe are conveniently located near the corner of Lake Avenue on Ridge Road. We offer a convenient drive-up window and a private parking lot for our customers. Feel free to use our lot, but stop in and let us know since this is for CUSTOMER use only.

A customer recently sent us this note:

“Years ago, my young son made a poster about the reasons to turn your car off rather than idling while waiting.  He gave it to Rita at the Wilmette Tailors and Cleaners and she posted it at her drive through window for years. Hundreds of Wilmette residents first learned about the benefits of turning off their car engines while they waited for their dry cleaning orders. ”

Drive-thru Joe

Belly Rewards Program

Belly rewards is a loyalty program that works off of multiple sources. You can use a card when you pickup cleaning, or use your smartphone, or your email address. Each time you pickup you earn points which are redeemable for free cleaning or discounts – the more you spend the more points you earn. You can save your points for bigger savings or spend them immediately. Belly is also a universal card good anywhere Belly is accepted, currently over 1200 locations in the Chicago area, so you only need one account to earn points at any location. Our points are only good at our store.

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